Saturday, April 17, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet's Moderator Hans Deventer continues to state that the Church of the Nazarene does not believe in the Bible.

This is what Deventer states on NazNet:

"It is clear that the Church of the Nazarene requires of its members belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Nowhere it says that we must believe in the Bible. Which of course makes sense."

Yet the denomination does state this:

"We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, by which we understand the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, given by divine inspiration."

In other words, the denomination does believe in the Bible.

Deventer has this idea that one can love Jesus and be done with the Bible as an inerrant revelation. Deventer has gone on about this numerous times as if he has a festish about it.

Yet it is Jesus who had such a high respect for the Old Testament data thereby leading Christians to believe that Jesus has the same high respect for the New Testament--that is a respect so as to regard the writ as pure communication.

Deventer has this cause of diverting the Church of the Nazarene from biblical orthodoxy. NazNet founder and owner Dave McClung permits this to continue.

NazNet crashed recently. Yet as it seeks to resurrect itself, Deventer starts up again with his heresies, a prime one being his disregard for the Bible as inerrant. He delights in underlining the Bible as error-riddled.

One can believe that it will not be long until moderator Scott Cundiff, Texas pastor, will soon be posting the same heresy in that Cundiff agrees with the theological liberalism of Deventer, McClung all the while standing silent as this site states itself to be a "friend" to the Church of the Nazarene.

NazNet is a chief enemy to the Church of the Nazarene. It has been for a long time. Yet Pied Piper McClung and colleagues continue to drag into their mystique particularly the inquiring young who are being duped, thus damaging the fiber of the church.


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet lost its content. It crashed.

Why not?

NazNet claims to be a "friend" of the holiness Church of the Nazarene. Instead, it is Judas to that denomination.

NazNet proclaims unsaved souls are annihilated at death, that there is no eternal hell, that there is an "intermediate" state for all souls upon death, all of which is anti-Bible.

NazNet proclaims that the Bible is untrustworthy. It is riddled with errors.

Therefore, the more one reads the Bible, the less one knows about God. One does not have to believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God, just hug Jesus. That is enough.

NazNet champions infant baptism over adult, believers' baptism though nowhere in the Bible is there record of an infant being baptized.

NazNet has a love affair with the emerging church, the latter espousing feeling over doctrine, emotion over theology based upon Scripture.

NazNet's former moderator chaplain states she would not marry two persons of the same gender; however, she will never proclaim publicly the biblical position on the matter. So it is with Barbara Moulton.

The chief anti-Bible proponents on NazNet are Netherlerlands Nazarene Hans Deventer and South Texas District pastor Scott Cundiff, the latter two endorsing the Bible as fallible.

Deventer is particularly enthusiastic regarding the annihilation of the wicked, the Bible aas second-class literature, infant baptism, the Church of the Nazarene evolving into an Episcopal-like "high church" denomination, and the emerging church being the church of the future. His "intermediate state" of the soul upon death is like unto Roman Catholic teaching on purgatory and limbo.

There is little accent on NazNet regarding the biblical call to holiness, Sanctification explained in-depth is wanting. The pure life is sidelined for heresies aplenty.

When it comes to Wesleyan teaching, Scott Cundiff states that holding to the Bible as fallible helps him understand all the more his Wesleyan holding. Whatever that means is beyond imagination. Cundiff states that the more he researches the Word, the less he understands the Bible's deity.

Yet on Cundiff's church website he states his congregation lives out the old-fashioned southern style gospel. Obviously he preaches one thing from the small-congregation pulpit while playing agnostic maximum on NazNet. The South Texas District leadership and pastors have been informed of this Cundiff double-life.

NazNet founder/owner Dave McClung, known for his wealth in business ventures, permits these heresies. McClung, long held with esteem by politicos in the Church of the Nazarene Kansas City headquarters, has worked his way into the egocentric mainstream of the denomination so as to get by with this apostasy.

However, the Church of the Nazarene General Superintendents, General Secretary, and department heads have all been informed in copious detail of NazNet's Judas role in relation to the denomination. That did prompt the General Superintendents to come out with their own reasonable statement regarding the fallacies of the emerging church, thus somewhat silencing the NazNet cheerleading.

McClung has set up a site that is in competition with the Church of the Nazarene, not a friend to it. McClung knows what he is doing. He is establishying himself as a Pied Piper to young pastors in particular. They are weaned away from biblical truth and Wesleyan teaching for outright heresies.

McClung's cronyism is well-known within the church. He is power hungry in his latter years and has used NazNet as a competing churchly "community."

Now NazNet has come under the heavy hand of God. God's anger has wiped out NazNet's content. It as a site crashed. Now McClung is trying to resurrect upon the ashes. Yet the rebuilding is still heresey with Deventer once again starting off with his defense of the error-riddled Scripture.

Deventer states boldly that the Church of the Nazarene nowhere asks Christians to believe the Bible. That is outright blasphemy as well as a bald lie. Devener knows that; however, he is clever with his double-talk and so works again to dupe the ignorant.

It is amazing how apostate these site henchmen have become. Nevertheless, there it is on the Internet for the world to read.

NazNet provides its own evidence for spiritual disobedience.

Why then should not God crash the site? And He will continue to discipline the NazNet owner and moderators who work daily to undermine his eternal Word.