Wednesday, February 3, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Why does heretical NazNet hype the emerging church? Because NazNet does whatever is the latest hype, even when it is against biblical truth.

The emerging church is flung around thither and yon. It hardly as a reliable definition except that it delights in not having a reliable definition. With that, NazNet wades in to help sway in the direction away from the traditional theology of the Church of the Nazarene, let alone anything else tradition about that holiness denomination.

Take a look at the emerging church’s intentional blur:

Once you proclaim that there are no absolutes, you put yourself outside Christianity.

Christianity is constructed on the biblical absolutes or it's not Christianity.

There are all kinds of prostitutions of Christianity; but God knows Christianity when He sees it. And when He sees the real thing, it's based on His absolutes as set forth in divine revelation.

The Emerging Church basically is the throwback to hippies with religion tagging along somehow somewhere.

The Emerging Church won't say anything absolute about homosexuality or abortion. That means it's a cowardly conclave that wants more of self than God's truth.

God's truth is set forth in Scripture. Regarding homosexual practice, God abhors it. Regarding killing womb babies, God abhors it.

Therefore, when the Emerging Church plays chicken on such ethical concerns, it sides with the dark powers. God is light. The Emerging Church cohabitates with compromise and that lifts it outside the genuine company of believers.

The Emerging Church is a fad that will fade - and the quicker the better. It is a giggle kind of group that is self-centered in that whatever plays best for the constituents is what goes.

Christians are not on Earth to play best for self. Christians are here to live out the biblical ethic - period.

The Emerging Church boasts of its swing dance group, its happy hour, its hiking clubs and so on and so on. Whatever serves self's giddy get-up this Friday works for the Emerging Church.

That's a far cry from biblical commissions to live out holiness, go into all the world to make disciples of Christ, and be separate from worldliness unto God's impress.

The Emerging Church is touted among some today as The Latest in religious zeal, even at times including the term "evangelical" in its description.

All this is so much untruth in advertising.

This Emerging Church self-based flimflam will dissipate for it has no actual substance. Its little candle will light itself dry soon.

The world is crazy. Yes. And part of that nuthouse stuff is the Emerging Church.

With that, farewell to those who pride themselves on having discovered something new. It's nothing more than the old hippie bag with a religion of self-preoccupation.